Nehemiah Missionary Baptist Church Family

We praise and worship God in spirit and in truth with spiritual expressions born out of genuine liberty in Christ.

The past twelve years, God has been using us in a mighty way. It is because of our faith in God that He finds pleasure in our obedience to Him. We realize this is what it takes to please God. Therefore, we understand and accept our being created in Christ Jesus to do good works.
We are motivated by these two inportant facts:
  • The basis for our salvation is God's grace.
  • The proof of our salvation is our ministry.
  • Background
    As true worshipers, we have a sense and need to worship regulary with loving fellowship and edification.
    You come and you'll be glad you did. Your presence will be a blessing to you and a compliment to us.

    We only have to extend to you an invitation once, after that, you will invite yourself!