Our Legacy

TWP Worship

Nehemiah Missionary Baptist Church is a called-out group of like-minded individuals who have been drawn together by faith in every promise of God toward us concerning Salvation, Love, Prosperity and Liberty.  We are a covenant community which strongly believes that through caring and sharing with one another, all of our needs can and will be met, our mission for God's purposes realized.

Our Roots
Remembering our roots
Shoulder on which I stand
Nehemiah Missionary Baptist Church remembers and pays tribute to those who gave birth to our faith in Jesus Christ. We honor the late Rev. Leonard T Kelley and Rev. Dr. Cornelius Booker, Sr. for their enduring pastorate, spiritual guidance and loving leadership they gave to us.
Rev. Leonard T Kelley
Rev. Dr. Cornelius Booker,Sr.

Our Investment In The Lord

The wind beneath our wings
In any congregation, development and growth progress take place because a group of dedicated people who are making things happen. Nehemiah Missionary Baptist Church has been organized and directed by the Holy Spirit's evangelistic efforts in our community.

Nehemiah Missionary Baptist Church has the responsibility of nurturing the spiritual well-being of its current and future believers by preserving the fellowship, spiritual growth, and encounter with God. Believers experience a divine calling to serve God with all of their strengths, talents and monetary gifts. Our goal as saints of God is to focus on soul winning; biblical knowledge and wisdom, love and fellowship, holiness and righteous living, spiritual growth, empowerment and economic development of the community.