Our Pastor


Our pastor, Norman Sizemore, has a pastoral philosophy that grows out of his understanding of the Christian Faith.

He believes that the underlying source, goal, and direction of everything is the One revealed in the Bible as the Creator, Governor, and Redeemer of the universe. He believes that all reality is dependent upon this One and is intended to reflect his goodness and glory. He believes that God has disclosed himself and his intentions through the revelation of his Son, Jesus Christ.

Sin, however, has distorted man's view of God, of creation, of himself, and of his fellow man. Consequently, he believes that true education is an ongoing process whereby we are led to better understand ourselves and the world and to comprehend it as God's world.

Further, because God has created us as persons in community, he believes that true ministry involves learning to live together with all persons as the family of God. It is his understanding that all truth, properly understood, is God's truth and should be pursued, mastered, and celebrated as such.

Thus, those who are charged by the Holy Spirit to participate in the ministering of God's children must integrate biblical faith with all disciplines in a manner which enables the believer to view himself and his world through the eyes of faith.

Pastors and Teachers must exemplify this faith personally, because Christianity has as much to do with character and conduct as it does with doctrine and truth. It includes the development of dispositions, attitudes and conduct that reflect faith and trust in the Creator and Redeemer of the universe.